Design and implement your project with the cloud computing experts behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced cloud initiatives.
We're trusted advisors to our SaaS clients, bringing comprehensive cloud expertise, functional skills and technical know-how, grounded in more than 70 years of HR and financial industry leadership. Whether you’re just starting on a plan to implement SaaS or your company is already live, our team is ready to help you meet your objectives and maximize results.
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Cloud Deployment Solutions
We can help your SaaS deployment and future operation unfold more smoothly by laying the right groundwork with pre-build planning. We use proprietary tools for integrations, data conversion and testing that save time and prevent re-work. And with our experience administering these systems for over 1.2 million employees, we're always learning new ways to operate better and smarter.Our deployment teams are not only experts within their specific technology, but they also have deep domain experience to answer “how” and “why” and sometimes even “why not.” Our approach is one that mitigates short and long term risks for our clients, while looking at the overall project holistically.
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Application Management Services
If you're already live on SaaS, our application management services (AMS) team can help your application operate at peak performance. Our AMS offerings are modular to fit your specific needs, whether it's hours pools to use on specific one-time events, aligned resources dedicated to ongoing projects, or a comprehensive AMS solution. We also provide operational consulting to help uncover less-obvious opportunities for optimization and improvement in your operation.Our clients select us for their AMS provider because we work to find the right balance between budget-friendly and high-quality. They stay with us long term because our solutions are stronger since we deploy and administer processes ongoing for dozens of clients. And we bring that experience to all of our projects – no matter the size – for improved outcomes.
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